Why A WDO Inspection Is Important

For Pensacola, Termites are a huge threat to the area and living inside of your home day after day, it’s easy to forget that there could be things living inside of your walls!

There are a variety of organisms that can damage your home’s structure from the inside out so it’s very important to learn about a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection!

What Is A WDO Inspection?

A WDO inspection involves thoroughly looking over your home for signs of damage to the structure and identifying the cause of the damage. Termites are the best known “WDO” but there are also others such as wood decaying fungi, powder post beetles, old house borers and carpenter ants to name a few.

The inspection must be completed by a certified Pensacola Pest Control company like Extreme Termite and Pest Control. During the inspection we will carefully examine as much of the home as possible. This includes any crawlspaces, attics and the yard.

Although this cannot guarantee that all future problems have been solved, it does provide the inspector with a good overview of the property!

That’s why we recommend regular Termite Treatment for ultimate protection against pests! Our Termite Control not only stops current infestations but also helps prevent them!

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After the inspection is complete the results should be discussed with you. The inspector should review any signs of damage found and you can ask as many questions as necessary! If areas need to be addressed the inspector can provide the best recommendations for you.

It is very important that any information you receive from the inspection be dealt with as soon as possible in order to minimize risk of further damage to your property!

Best Times For A WDO Inspection

There are two main times when you’ll want a Termite Inspection Pensacola. The first is when you’re buying a new home! In fact, sometimes your lender requires a WDO inspection. But even if you’re not required to it’s still highly recommended!

A home can look beautiful from the outside and still have wood damage on the inside! Wood damage is not always visible until it’s too late.

You may also want to get a WDO inspection if there have been other homes on the street with problems. Termites in particular spread from one house to the next which makes multiple infestations on the same street very likely!

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