You Need The Best Pest Control In Pensacola FL For Termites!

Living in an area like Pensacola or Alabama means dealing with destructive pests and you should be using the Best Pest Control In Pensacola FL for routine treatments!

We have the most issues with the Formosan Subterranean Termite, containing the largest number of termites per colony than any other species worldwide!

Pensacola Termite and Pest Control is the best way to protect your home from destruction and keep sickness away from your loved ones! If you think you might have termites, call us! (850) 492-9225

Not only is termite infestation hard to spot, if left ignored they can cause extensive damage and will cost you a lot of money! It’s best to know what to look out for, so we’ve highlighted the Top 3 Important Signs You Have Termites!


Have you ever been outside at night next to a street light and seen a whole bunch of flying bugs around? Odds are those are swarms of termites! A swarm is a group of adult male and female termites that have left their nests to establish new colonies.

Swarming is most common during the Spring and Fall seasons. If you have found swarmers indoors or have come across a pile of wings, the termites are in their next phase of development and you most likely have an infestation!


Termites love to eat wood and leave only a thin layer on the surface to help them travel across exposed terrain successfully. Eventually the surface breaks, causing the termites to have to rebuild their path from their nest to their food source.

To create mud tunnels termites use a mixture of saliva, dirt and feces. Mud tunnels are usually found in irregular patterns and are a for-sure sign that you have termites in the area!


It might be hard to tell the difference between wood damage from water and termites, as the signs are similar. Termites tend to eat wood from the inside out causing hollowing and buckling.

Wood damage from termites can be found behind and below surfaces such as floors and walls. Do you have visible wood damage in your home or building? Don’t wait, call us right away! (850) 492-9225


If you find termites in or around your property it’s important that you don’t disturb them! Contact us for the Best Pest Control In Pensacola FL to kill the live termites and keep them from coming back!

We want you to have a peace of mind, let us protect your home or business with our high quality termite treatment that will eliminate and prevent infestation.

Call us today at (850) 492-9225 and get the protection you need!

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