New Construction PreTreat in Escambia and Santa Rosa County FL

Our new construction pre-treatments in Pensacola are always thorough and effective. Our main objective is to establish the product barrier between the soil where termites live, and the wood or other material of the structure. We use only high quality treatments for your property for the best protection. We know that the most important aspect will be a close relationship between the builder and our termite professionals, so when you choose Extreme Termite and Pest Control for your new construction pre-treatments we promise to give you complete comfort in knowing you are protected.

Soil Treatment – Application of Termiticide

To properly treat for termites during the pre-construction phase, the area will need to have the termiticides  chemical applied several times during construction. The exterminator will need to be in close contact with the builder in order to arrange treatments. The design of the home and the soil type it is being built upon may cause some variation in the application of the termite barrier.

When the footings have been poured, a mason will complete the foundation using blocks over the poured footings. As soon as this is done, the foundation will be back filled with the surrounding soil. Plumbing for pipes are then laid and more soil is added if need be. It’s at this time that the entire area is treated again with a termiticide barrier. Some extermination companies opt to skip the first treatment, and begin pre-construction treatments at this time.

While methods vary depending on the building codes for the specific area, the first step for pre-construction termite treatment is usually to treat the slab. Once the ground has been graded and leveled and the foundation form has been installed, the footings have been dug, then the area should be treated. This is usually done by treating with a termiticide barrier at a rate of one gallon of chemical solution per every ten square feet.

While termites cannot bore into or eat concrete, the slabs can crack with time and weather creating perfect entry points for them to enter. If the surrounding soil has not been treated, the termites can make their way to the slabs, through the cracks, and into the main structure of the building.

New construction pretreat in Pensacola

New construction pretreat in Pensacola

Final Pre-construction Treatment: 

The final pre-construction treatment comes with the last grading, but before the landscaping. It is recommended that a trench be dug approximately four to six inches deep and at least twelve inches from the foundation out into the yard. Four gallons of termiticide is applied for every ten feet surrounding the home in a continuous spray.

After the home is completed, it’s still a good idea to keep the protective barrier refreshed and intact. This can be done by not disturbing the soil surrounding the foundation in the twelve inch radius. If you plan to add a deck, porch, or other addition to the home, the protective barrier should be extended an additional twelve inches into the yard from the new structure.

Other Methods Such As Rodding treatment:

A more extensive pre-construction treatment can also be done in place of or in addition to the spray method mentioned above. This type of treatment is known as “rodding” and is carried out by injecting a permethrin based termiticide gel deep into the ground.

Typical spray methods only allow the termiticide to penetrate about one inch into the ground. Rodding uses a metal pole that ranges from four to six feet in length, and is filled with the termiticide. The top of the pole has a knob that keeps the pole pressurized. The pole is repeatedly pushed into and pulled out of the ground to remove the soil, leaving behind deep holes. This is done until a grid pattern of holes, approximately eighteen inches apart is formed. The holes are then injected with the termiticide gel in order to keep termites away from the area.

How long does pre-construction treatment last?

A proper pre-construction termite treatment can last anywhere from 2-5 years. Even though these treatments are quite effective, it’s still recommended that inspect your home periodically for any damage or signs of termites. Try to keep the area surrounding the building free of residual wood or other cellulose based material, as these materials attract termites. This will ensure your structure is continually protected and will head off any potential infestations before they begin.

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