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Because we serve the best Pensacola FL Pest Control we are well aware of the top pests that bother people in the area. But are you aware of the sickness that may follow?

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are all over the place and they destroy everything! Some even say there’s one rat for every person in the U.S!

They carry fleas, ticks and lice. Their urine, droppings, hair and saliva can contaminate your food and spread disease! And if they get into your home, they can create a fire risk by chewing on electrical wires.

Have you spotted a rat nearby? It’s better to call us for a peace of mind! (850) 492-9225


Fleas are an irritating, biting nuisance and can be harmful to you and your pets. They can cause anemia and hot spots. Some people and pets suffer from flea allergy dermatitis, lasting days with intense itching, hair loss and even secondary infection!

Cat fleas also serve as hosts of the dog tapeworm. This intestinal parasite is transmitted to your pet while grooming via ingestion of an adult flea carrying a tapeworm cyst.

Unfortunately many owners wait until they have a severe flea infestation before they contact us for Pensacola Pest Control Services and as a result, those problems may require multiple treatments!


Roaches are a popular reason people call us for pest control! Roaches are found in many houses and restaurants. They love dark places, kitchens and bathrooms! Cockroaches spread sickening bacteria and contaminate any food source they come in contact with.

They can also trigger allergies or worsen asthma symptoms, especially in children. Protect your family by calling us today! (850) 492-9225


Ants are everywhere outside; it is when they come inside that they begin to aggravate! Ants feed on and contaminate human food, infest structures and build unsightly mounds in lawns.

In some cases where the ant problem is bad, they are able to inflict painful bites, stings and can attack!


If you have a snake in your home or yard, it’s best that you steer clear. The health risk you’re facing depends on the type of snake! Some snakes may bite if you corner them or try to handle them. Some snakes are venomous and can poison you if they bite. Other snakes are harmless.

Venom or not, snake bites hurt and can send you to the E.R. It’s best to stay away!


Termites infest hundreds of thousands of homes each year. This costs residential homeowners approximately $5 billion annually to exterminate the termites and repair the damaged caused!

While termites aren’t known to carry diseases harmful to humans, a significant cause for concern when termites infest your house is mold, as they mainly help wood decompose.

People who are living in homes infested by termites may also suffer from allergic reactions or asthma attacks. Using chemicals for termite control on your own can pose a huge threat to your health and those around you so it’s very important to use professional Pensacola FL Pest Control!

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