Are Ants Eating My Grass?

If you care about your lawn you know there are things you should watch out for and there are things only an expert Pensacola Pest Control company can help with.

As you see problems building up it’s always good to have the knowledge to know what to focus on. You don’t want to waste money or time!

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Your Grass

All ants want to do is build colonies and grow. They don’t exactly feed on grass; unfortunately, other insects do. Ants eating your grass usually will not be the cause of damage on your lawn or prevent it from growing.

Colony Growth

The only time you should start to worry about ants hurting your lawn is if their colony becomes too large or there’s just too many of them!

When ants start digging and building colonies it can start getting out of hand. Ants make large dirt piles as they clear out pathways under your lawn and this can damage your root system making your yard look pretty bad at the least.

Managing Ants

If you’re trying to manage ant colonies on your own you’ll need to use an ant colony killer designed for outdoor use. The one you need depends on where you live and what types of ants you have.

In a lot of cases, store bought pesticides aren’t strong enough to keep them away, causing you more money and time than you have!

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Queen Fire Ants

It’ss important to know that fire ants typically have more than one queen! In the past, fire ants used to only have one single queen which would cause the entire colony to die when it died but they have adapted to pesticides, making it extra hard to get rid of them completely if you are not using professional pesticides!

Fire ants make very large colonies and therefore can destroy your roots and ruin your lawn if not properly managed!

The Other Insects

There are other insects to worry about when it comes to your lawn. Armyworms (look like striped hairless caterpillars), Bill bugs (look like beetles) and grubs (small white worms) will all destroy your grass! These insects in large numbers should be managed with the proper chemical pesticides.

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Grasshoppers and regular earth worms are two other pests you will see that generally will not hurt your grass.

Expert Pensacola Pest Control Services

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