5 Crazy Reasons Why It’s Hard To Kill Roaches In Pensacola

If you’ve seen Roaches In Pensacola you know how hard it can be to eliminate these pests for good! You have every reason to want to be rid of these filthy insects as they can cause serious health issues like asthma attacks and they spread harmful bacteria everywhere they go! Not to mention they’re scary!

Natural methods and store-bought pesticides just don’t seem to do the trick. As cockroach experts, we understand how hard it is to deal with these pesky insects. Let’s learn some of the crazy reasons why it’s become so hard to get rid of them!


Cockroaches are known to be very fast. When they sense something coming their way they take off at speeds around 50 body lengths per second!

Unfortunately no one can move as fast as they can run away. Even the day a cockroach is born it can run just as fast as a full adult, meaning you have a very small chance of squishing it!

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Cockroaches move quickly and they reproduce even quicker! Even if you get lucky and manage to take a few out, it’s still a high possibility that you have hundreds left to invade your home!

German Cockroaches especially! The females produce around 48 eggs that mature to adults in about 50-60 days to reproduce on their own!

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Is your home covered with roach baits but still no bites? They rarely work! You can’t even starve them out; Cockroaches will go up to 18 days without food!

But they can survive only a week without water and dehydration will kill them!

Roaches have very strong survival instincts, they will wait you out!


Have you tried smashing a roach over and over and it still doesn’t die? Thank their exoskeleton.

Roaches have a strong and flexible exoskeleton, or “shell”, allowing them to get in and out of places safely.

A roach’s outer covering can handle up to 300 times their weight when in small crevices and in bigger spaces up to 900 times their body weight!


Finally, and most unfortunately, some roaches like the German cockroach have a very high tolerance against store-bought pesticides!

Because they’ve built up such a resistance to roach killer bait, like sugar cubes for example, they simply won’t die.

Don’t worry though, we know exactly what takes them down and leaves them there!

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