4 Common Winter Pests To Watch Out For

Florida stays mostly warm through the year making it more likely that Pensacola Pest Control Services will be needed all year long to manage and protect your home from unwanted pests! However, with lower temperatures come different problems, the pests that want to come inside!

When the temperatures begin to drop, outside life starts to look for a nice, comfy warm place to hide and could begin to pose a real threat!

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Here Are 4 Common Winter Pests You Need To Be Watching Out For!


Rats and mice are always looking for a way to get inside homes and businesses. Unfortunately cooler temperatures give them more of a reason to come in!

Since rats don‘t hibernate they stay active when they get inside, spreading illness and parasites around your home and damaging wiring, causing you loads of money!

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German Cockroaches are prevalent in the area, invading homes in the winter for two known reasons. The first reason is because of the increased holidays that create more food sources to entice these creatures to move in. They love the crumbs!

Cooler/cold temperatures are also a big factor. The Cockroach is a cold-blooded creature that can’t regulate its own body temperature. If temperatures drop too low, they move in!

This is a real problem for people because Cockroaches aren’t just gross, they carry diseases and harmful bacteria. See roaches around your home or office? Call us right away! (850) 492-9225


While ticks aren’t considered a pest being driven from winter time weather, these little bugs can become a problem if you have outdoor plants you bring inside when it gets cold!

Not only should you check your animals when they come inside, it’s also very important to thoroughly check your plants before you carry them inside, as Ticks carry spotted fever and Lyme Disease!


Silverfish are small, wingless gray insects that you’ll see the most when it’s cold outside. Just like the Cockroach, silverfish are cold-blooded and are driven to find warm places when temperatures become uncomfortable.

Silverfish love moisture so you’ll find them in places inside your home that are damp like a bathroom. They aren’t a major threat but these little pests can chew through pictures, documents and other important keepsakes so it’s best to use regular pest control to keep your belongings protected.

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As you can see, pests are never-ending no matter how the weather is outside! If you see these 4 common pests or any other bugs showing up in your home or office, don’t hesitate to call us!

We have a track record of protecting Florida homes and businesses from pests all year round! Give Pensacola Pest Control Services a try and notice the difference it makes to have a peace of mind!

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