3 Hints You’re Living With Rats

Pensacola Rats are a well established type of pest in the area despite their many natural enemies. These rodents are notoriously tricky, sneaky and smart! They’re proficient at sneaking into buildings and just as good at staying hidden once inside. Rats often live, thrive and reproduce inside buildings without anyone ever knowing they’re around. They might even be inside your house!

Despite their impressive sneakiness, rats are not invisible. Rat infestations leave behind different signs and the faster you can spot them, the better off you’ll be. If you suspect you have rats, we advise you call us immediately. We are Pensacola Rodent Control experts (850) 492-9225

Here Are 3 Major Signs To Look Out For:


Every living thing does it. Rat droppings are typically around ⅜” long and ⅛” wide. Fresh, soft brown rat droppings may stain nearby surface. As rat pellets age they may turn gray and dry out. Older pellets crumble easily if you pick them up or step on them and may even resemble dirt clods.

Rats leave their droppings where they spend the most time; where they eat, nest and travel through your home. Look around for rat pellets in your pantry and lower cabinets, especially in dark corners and behind covers. If the droppings look fresh, that indicates an ongoing rat infestation and you need to contact us for Pensacola Pest Control Services immediately. (850) 492-9225


Rat’s teeth never stop growing so they never stop teething! Rats have to gnaw on something almost constantly to keep their teeth sharp and healthy. They’ll gnaw on just about anything and their bite marks are about 2 inches or more in diameter with rough edges.

Gnaw marks can sometimes be hard to see. Check for signs of damage on soft material such as cardboard or electrical wiring. Gnawing is particularly noticeable on electrical wiring, which is very dangerous! When a rat chews on wires it wears away protective insulation and exposes the dangerous live wires inside. If you find hints that you have rats, call us.


Rats build nests out of whatever material they can find. Inside your home they usually build nests out of paper, insulation, fabrics and other random loose clutter. They’ll drag these materials into secluded areas like corners and beneath furniture. They even “tunnel” inside walls to build their nests.

Rats collect their nesting material by shredding larger materials. They’ll crumple up paper, tear strips of fabric or rip chunks of insulation out of the wall. Rats typically build their nests in places they can stay hidden. Nests look so simple and disorganized that they might just look like piles of garbage to you.

Of course, a more obvious sign that you have rats is seeing one running around. Where there’s one rat, there’s almost always more! If you see a rat in your home it means you need to act immediately to stop a full blown infestation!

If you recognize one or more signs of infestation, give Extreme Termite and Pest Control a call.

We can help make sure you have a rodent-free home year round! (850) 492-9225

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