Rodent Control – How To Handle Household Pests

It happens. You’re relaxing in your home and in the corner of your eye you see something running across the hall. That can’t be a mouse, can it? Yes, rodents are a common issue in our area, and rodent control has become a very popular topic. They will climb, scale walls, and even swim through your sewers to get inside your house. Mice are relentless when it comes to food, warmth, and shelter – all things your home offers. When the cold weather of Fall and Winter begins, their needs become more about survival, and their desire to come inside becomes priority!

Mice can easily find warmth inside your walls, underneath your floorboards or up in your attic. Once inside, rats and mice will search for any isolated spot that is close to a food source, like your kitchen. You can often find nests behind your refrigerator or behind appliances, as they are warm spots to call home.

You shouldn’t just look for obvious entry points in your home, but you should be aware of their agility. Mice can jump high, they can climb walls, and they can squeeze through small holes. Other common entry points in your home are air vents, drain pipes, unplugged holes, and even damaged flooring or roofing. Black rats in particular are more agile than any other species and often will intrude using roof tops.

Mice are nocturnal creatures, so it’s rare to see them during the day unless you have a big infestation. Signs of mice, however, can be found any time of the day if you are looking for it. Obvious signs are urine and mouse droppings. Mice will mark their territory just like any other animal. Mice will also move along the edge of something when traveling, whether that is a baseboard or cupboard. If a mouse problem is left unmanaged, you will find smear marks along their route, which is from mice rubbing their greasy fur along the edging.

As a homeowner, it’s in you and your family’s best interest to prevent mice and rats from invading your home. They breed very quickly and can turn a small problem into a huge infestation. Rodents carry diseases and can do much damage to your health and property if left untreated. To reduce risk of infestation, professional solutions are going to be your best bet. Your home can quickly be overrun if no action is taken.

Don’t try to deal with pest infestations in Pensacola on your own. Extreme Termite and Pest Control knows how to help you in a quick and efficient manner. Our team is trained and ready to give you quality service to remove the mice that have invaded your home or building and also to prevent the infestation from happening again.

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